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  1. aerdnaeniarol

    One Direction is Literally infLuencing my Life and the way i Live. i Love them so much, even if they don’t know me i won’t stop. ❤️❤️❤️ im going to stay with them to INFINITY.


  2. Lynne

    Bc they’re my life, they make me strong and smile in my weakest hours. I just can;t live without them. Bc of them I found things I never been able to feel nor see. I just love them with my whole life and heart


  3. Crystal

    I really want to win either the iTunes card, but more importantly I want to win the Niall dm because I want to be able to tell him 2 years clean from self harm because of him and how much he has changed and saved my life. He’s literally a huge reason I didn’t commit suicide and to get the chance to tell him that would be absolutely amazing! I know the chances of him seeing me are slim to none, but I want him to see that he does save lives, including mine. Thank you for this opportunity to get to do this you’re an angel for doing all of these give aways and thank you for being you! I hope you give my submission consideration! ☺️ have a great day!


  4. Unnati israni

    I know I’m not the only girl who loves one direction with all her heart,not the only one who want to win this,not the only one who’s been here since the start but I could say that I really want to win this, they mean the world to me, they’ve saved millions of us which means so much. I’ll be here till the end. Even though I’m a loyal fan ive never been able to buy their albums because my parents think it is a waste of money as we can get the songs downloaded for free. So, I hope I win this. Thanks for organising this giveaway and giving us a chance to have the album.


  5. Cristina Gándara

    So I don’t really know if I deserve this, but I really want to win because I can’t afford to order MITAM on iTunes so get it illegally will be I unrespectable for them because they work so hard that If I won’t have it on Itunes obviously i wont try to get it on a download website bc that’s not correct, is not part of being Directioner so, winning this will be an honor and I’ll be really thankful and I really think I deserve to hear the album somehow. Bc I’ve been in this fandom since The X Factor! And I’ve been in the toughest moments and in the happiest , and not being able to listen to the album correctly will be devastating. And again, I’ve been here, in any trouble, any rumor, i was when none of them had tattoos and I have been here since the videodiaries im a truly directioner trying to win a competition vs a lot of others truly directioners, I will not take personal nothing if I dont win, not at all… So Good Luck! And thankkkks sooo much for this opportunity


  6. jayda

    I want to win the mitam on iTunes because the boys saved me through their music and they’ve always brightened up my day when I need them. I love one direction so much not only their music but as well as their personalities and I have listened to every song and I’m broke and all my friends got to pre-order the album while I didn’t so being able to win mitam on iTunes will make me so happy (:


  7. christine

    So I dont think that I deserve it, but this is my reason why I need MITAM. First, bc I love themmm so muchhh. Ive been their fans(directioner) since 2011. I got all their song illegally its because i dont use iphone or apple. Its their last album before the boys break, so I think I should to get their songs officially so its gonna be special for me too. I’m SO EXCITED for this album from the begining since now. I’m so sad when I knew that the album got leaked, but I don’t listening the leaked song and ive waiting till the song comes out one by one. I want to give my dedication to my boys by having their official album not just illegally download the song. One direction worked so hard for MITAM, and I know this is gonna be amazing. And last, One direction is my life, and I can’t live without their music, all the love :) –
    ps. I really want to win it 💓


  8. Christine

    I want to win this because this is their last album before the break, the boys worked so hard for this album and I think they’re deserve it if we buy it officially. I dont use iphone or apple so I got their song just by illegally download. I’m so sad when i know that their album got leaked, but I don’t listening the leaked songs. Ive waiting the song comes out one by one. This album is so special and amazing, i love this album so much, the songs in this album are so deep and made me over fangirl. Last, I love them so much, they are my life, and I can’t live without their music :) so that’s all why I want MITAM so muchhh, all the love :)


  9. Paulina

    Because I love one direction and because thanks to them I’ve gone past many obstacles. They literally were the only supportive voices I had at the time, also because I just want to have a piece of them before their break


  10. Colleen

    My daughter is 8 I follow for her, but I get hooked on there songs and get them stuck in my head. She just discovered them over the summer and it’s the first time I have seen her love a group so much. And as a parent I’m so happy she loves them over some others that aren’t good influences in my opinion. So we both love 1D☺


  11. Jocelyn Deltoro

    I would love to win this giveaway because obviously I love one direction they are my world. but tbh I’m broke af and that’s the truth lol. I wasted all my money on food.


  12. isitjustmeor1

    I have been a fan of One Direction since they were first put together on the XFactor. I have loved watching them grow and would love to win! It would mean a lot to get their album, especially since this is the last one before their break. I love their music and them talking about their new songs on their YouTube Vevo account got me really excited to hear the album. I just love them so much! Thank you for doing this!!! Xx


  13. isitjustmeor1

    I have been a fan of One Direction since they were put together on the XFactor. I have loved watching them grow up. Hearing them talk about the songs on their YouTube Vevo account has got me really excited for the new album!!! I would love to win! I love them so much! Thank you for doing this!!


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