Highlighter of the Year

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We are all aware of how huge and trendy make up is nowadays. No doubt about it. It’s all over social media and across the internet. Everyone suddenly became MAKE UP OBSESSED. And I’m not gonna lie, I suddenly became one (and I’m proud of it).

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What’s On My IPSY #AugustGlamBag

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Few months back, I signed up for IPSY  which for anyone who’s wondering what on earth is that, it is basically a beauty subscription service founded by the infamous Beauty Vlogger and Youtuber, Michelle Phan, wherein they sent their subscribers a bunch of goodies, sample or full size, from different brands for them to try out. For a price of just $10, you will be receiving 5-6 different items in each month, shipping fee included. Read More


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Disclaimer: I’m not trying to be beauty guru or make up expert on this post. Just a make up lover like you! 

So early this year, Kylie Jenner (ever heard of her name? lol), released her new cosmetic line and everyone on the internet went insane on getting one. Way back around January, I think, she released her first batch of Kylie Lip Kits for a very limited number. Basically, everyone get frustrated because her whole line of lip kits were sold out in a span of 5 mins or less!  And I wish I was exaggerating it! Lol. Read More

The 9 Beauty Must-Haves That Every Girl Needs


Disclaimer: I am no professional beauty/makeup guru of some kind, This post is 100% based on my experience and all opinions are solely mine. 

Every person that probably know me will say that I am the least kikay (vain) of all the girls they know and I must agree to that because ever since I was little I hate fussing about how I look or fixing my hair on daily basis. I remember when I was in high school I don’t even own a hair brush/comb or even a lose powder on my bag. Can you imagine that? That goes the same way when I was in college. I don’t even let my hair dry before leaving the house. Sucker, I know, but I never felt conscious with how I look and I always admire girls wearing less makeup and still manage to look very pretty. I’m not saying that I hate girls when they wear makeup, it’s just not my thing. Read More

My Experience With Proactiv Plus

When we first arrived here in the States, I am in the worst stage of my skin on my entire life and I’m not overreacting when I say THE WORST, because it really is. It may have been because of the change of  weather or our 22-hour flight or stress and other factors that I am still not sure of. I really do have an acne-prone skin for as long as I can remember and I guess it runs in our blood since everyone on my mother’s side of the family has that type of skin. I can’t even remember when was the last time I had a clear skin. Huhu. In fact, I’m already used to it. Especially for us, girls, that experience the ‘time of the month’. It’s my first sign of period when I can see breakouts are becoming visible all over my face.

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