Highlighter of the Year

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We are all aware of how huge and trendy make up is nowadays. No doubt about it. It’s all over social media and across the internet. Everyone suddenly became MAKE UP OBSESSED. And I’m not gonna lie, I suddenly became one (and I’m proud of it).

I reached the age of 23 without owning a single vanity item in my room – not even a comb (ask my friends) and now I suddenly know how to contour?! WAIT WHAT IS HAPPENING.

But since I have a very sensitive skin (you can read my acne story here)  I’m really careful when it comes on choosing what make up should I purchase and use. I’m really a big fan of prioritizing your skin and taking care of it than wearing makeup to hide your imperfections.



I stumbled upon this magical account on Instagram and their aesthetic as a brand really caught my attention. And not only their IG account is visually pleasing,  I also love their slogan – SKIN FIRST. MAKE UP SECOND.

Do I need to say more?

I’ve been following them for quite sometime when I decided to finally purchase something from them. So I finally ordered one of their new products over the summer which is called HALOSCOPE. It comes in two shades – Quartz and Topaz. (I ordered QUARTZ) It is a dewy highlighter that you can apply onto your face and/or body with or without make up. And being as someone who is very obsessed with make up and skin care, I know that I should get this.

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First of all, can we have a moment of silence on how gorgeous their packaging is. I AM LIVING FOR IT. It’s  so raw and minimalist that my Tumblr heart just died upon seeing it. It comes with a white plain box  that when you open – it’s full on pastel pink and they printed their slogan SKIN FIRST. MAKE UP SECOND. on the top. (Sorry for having no photo of the box)

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The product itself comes in a pink and white box and it is wrapped with a pink ziplcok bubble wrap pouch. So adorable. They also include a pack of Glossier stickers and a huge vintage vibe poster.

I can’t tell you enough how I love it.



When it comes to the product, I have no hesitation at all that I would recommend it to someone who loves mild cosmetics and who doesn’t love putting so much make up on. I used it mostly during the summer cause we went to California and Vegas and the weather is just way too hot for me to wear heavy make up. During those times, I just put on some BB Cream then some cream blush and Haloscope as a highlight and it works amazingly well.

Although you can also put it in your body as a shimmer especially during the festival season. I haven’t tried wearing this now that the weather is colder but during the times that I used it, it never failed to surprise me how long lasting and how easy it is to use. Great for traveling!

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It’s $22 (without tax).

When it comes on buying products I am looking more to the quality of it rather than the price. I don’t know about you guys but if I think that the product is worth of its price point then I have no problem with it whatsoever. And for this one, I think this will last you for a while cause a little application of it comes a long way and let me tell you this – it’s so pigmented!

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100% would repurchase this again but I might try the other shade, Topaz. Also, I would love to try more products from Glossier soon. I want their Generation G lip color, Moisturizing Moon Mask and Balm Dot Com so bad. I bet that it will be as wonderful as this one. Can’t wait!

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You can check Glossier’s website here. And if you are planning on shopping soon, you can use my link for 20% discount on your first purchase.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Everyone who shops at their website need to sign up for an account and will be given a unique link that you can share with your friends so you can get $10 store credit and your friend gets 20% off. HOW GREAT, RIGHT?

So let me guys know what do you think of Glossier’s Haloscope? Do you have any favorite highlighter as of the moment? I would love to read your recommendations! x





2 thoughts on “Highlighter of the Year

  1. naomiinwonderland

    I’ve not tried it yet but I did read good things about it! I wonder if I can buy it in Belgium! My favorite highlighter is actually a palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, it contains 3 different colors and you can easily mix 2/3 together to create a new different shade!


  2. aseguradojaicel

    Which ABH Palette is that? I love their glow kits tho!! They are by far, of course, no doubt, one of the best highlighters! I think they can ship it to you there all the way in Belgium. You should definitely try Glossier if you’re really into mild make ups. Your skin will love it! Thanks for reading, Naomi! <3


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