I Still Have A Film Camera and It’s Awesome



With so many things happening around us when it comes to technology, sometimes it’s so hard to catch up with what’s the latest trends because there’s always something NEW every single time.

Gone are the days for song hits and staying up late just to watch your favorite music video to come up on MTV in the middle of the night cause why wait when there’s Youtube, right? Everything is so instant that we have forgotten what it feels like to wait.

Last year, before going here in the US, I decided to relive this vintage film camera that my family used to be favorite gadget. I mean, come on, every household has one! Haha!

I went to one of the camera stores at the mall nearest to us to see if it’s still working and surprisingly, it’s still in good condition. Bought some batteries and a roll of film and VOILA! Ready to take photos again!

I wasn’t able to developed the photos I took in Manila before going here cause I don’t have enough time so when I got here, I immediately look for a store that develops film. With not so many people using film camera nowadays, it’s really hard to find one. Some CVS and Walgreens stores have film developing services but it’s too much of  a hassle to go back and forth especially if it’s not around our area. So I went to look online if there’s a solution for my dilemma.

And thankfully, I stumble upon The Darkroom. They basically offer film developing services online wherein you can just go send in your roll of film and they know what to do. They will process your film, scan your negatives and such. They will also send you back your negatives together with a CD that has all your photos and your prints (optional). All for just $11!

It’s really the greatest thing ever! They have a lot of things on their website! Make sure to check them out. Read more about the services they offer  here.



So let’s dive in to the photos I took when I was still in Manila. Sorry for the captions. It’s too small, I know. Bear with me.

My essentials. Phone, my fave black bag and specs, that I still adore.

My favorite shot of the bunch. This is Labo, took this when we’re at a grocery. This is so random but I love the outcome so much.
I can’t remember where is this but this is by far my favorite. 
This is our pet, Gab. He passed away early this year. Such a loyal best friend to us. We miss you dearly.
Sunset at my Lola’s house.
My brother and our cousins. We always have the best of times at our lola’s house.
Just me trying to be artsy. 
Our dearest Lola and Kyle, my nephew.
We visited our Lolo’s grave for his birthday. This is my favorite nephew, Eon, by the way. Cute!
Labo’s shoes. Tricycle ride on our way home.
This is random too. Watermelons! Can’t remember I took this. Lol.
Kyle. Close up.
My brother with our Nanay.

Pretty Yesha.

What really excites me with this process is that, with our iPhones and digital cameras, you get to see the photos right away. You can delete it and retake it if you don’t like it. But if you’re shooting with film, you get the feeling of anticipating what to expect with the outcome cause you have no idea what it’s gonna look like.  And by the time you have developed and processed it, you forgot what are the photos you took and you’ll be surprise while having a little bit of nostalgia of the moment you took it. It’s such a lovely feeling.

I promised to myself to buy another roll of film and start taking random photos again. This is really a fun and cool way to preserve memories. Ahh! I’m such a freak for old things!

How about you? Do you love taking photos with film too?  Let me know in the comments!



4 thoughts on “I Still Have A Film Camera and It’s Awesome

  1. Jae

    Before the advent of digital photography, I used to practice with Dad’s film cameras, one of which is his Minolta SLR camera. We had basic photography class in high school, and street photography was my favorite part. Back then, it takes really good knowledge and skill to produce a stunning photo without the preview screen.


    1. aseguradojaicel

      I agree. You’ll know if someone’s a great photographer if he/she take amazing photos with film camera. And yess, street photography! Ahh!! Everything is fast paced and moving. It’s so much fun! Thanks for reading, Jae! Talk soon! <3

      Liked by 1 person

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