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Disclaimer: I’m not trying to be beauty guru or make up expert on this post. Just a make up lover like you! 

So early this year, Kylie Jenner (ever heard of her name? lol), released her new cosmetic line and everyone on the internet went insane on getting one. Way back around January, I think, she released her first batch of Kylie Lip Kits for a very limited number. Basically, everyone get frustrated because her whole line of lip kits were sold out in a span of 5 mins or less!  And I wish I was exaggerating it! Lol.

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Here’s the thing, I’m not the biggest fan of Kylie (I love Kourtney the most btw)  but of course, just like everyone, I know her and I follow her in her social media accounts. I’m also aware that everyone is getting hold of every Kylie Lip Kit there is in the planet. They even sold the first batch of Kylie Lip Kit for as much as $500 in eBay. That being said, when she released her second batch, I happened to be in Twitter and saw her tweet. I clicked immediately and thankfully, I was able to score one! Hooray!


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I even posted on my Facebook that I might sell it in eBay cause I might ace some few hundred bucks just for this lippies. LOL. But thank god, I didn’t!

Would you believe that I got this around Valentine’s Day but I just used it this week when I decided to make a blog post about this? Haha! I just think that I should reserve it for future use. And voila, here it is!


As you probably know by now, it comes with a lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick. I got the Mary Jo K, which is a very pretty and luscious shade of red. It smells amazinngg.

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Quality: For me, the quality is really impressive. I know many people are complaining about the terrible experienced they’ve had when it comes to the products they’ve received and how Kylie’s customer service staff handled the situation. But as far as I am concern, I did’t have anything bad to say cause I received mine in a very good condition and my order went very smoothly. Praise the heaven for that!


Price: It is a little bit expensive. For a price of $29, you can already buy a high end lipstick from Dior or YSL in Sephora. Plus the shipping fee of $8.95 on the top of that is really off the bat. It’s a little bit crazy, I know, but the fact that you are receiving both a lip pencil and a matte liquid lipstick, I guess, it’s not that bad. (if you happen to buy a MAC lip liner, it will costs you $17 plus a liquid lipstick from MAC is around $17-$20 so yeah)


All in all, it was a beautiful shade of red that you can wear everyday. I already made it my go-to lippie! You can never go wrong if you wear this and I just love how it stays in your lips for quite sometime. It’s also transfer-free and kiss-proof so you don’t have to worry retouching it the whole time you are wearing it especially if you’ll be eating several times throughout the day. Thumbs up!

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The next one is Kylie’s Birthday Edition Lip Gloss named POPPIN’. Few weeks back, she released her birthday collection where she changed every packaging of her products to GOLD. Gold errrthang. I was planning on getting a whole set of lip gloss but it was gone after a couple of minutes and so I settled in purchasing just this one gloss.

POPPIN’ is a  very glittery, gold-y sheer gloss. It seriously has a lot of shimmer on it. It also smells glorious. I just had a hard time applying it on my lips cause it’s quite patchy and tacky. You need to apply it more than once.

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Quality: It was a “mehh okay” purchase for me. I did not fell in love with it. It’s just way too sticky and it’s not the kind of shade that you can wear every day. For a night out, it will be perfect! Don’t get me wrong, I love glosses cause I don’t really wear lipstick most of the time but this one is a little off for me. But to be fair, I guess you should wear it over your fave shade of lipstick then apply this on top for that gold and shimmery finish.



Price: It sells for $16 plus $8.99 shipping fee. I’m really not okay with this shipping fee cause most of the brands/companies  will only charge you around $5.99 for the the shipping but in Kylie’s line it’s way too high. And it’s just a standard shipping, mind you. So in total, I spent $24.95. Not very practical especially if you’re on a budget.



My conclusion? I may not recommend you purchasing this one cause I’m pretty sure you can get a cheaper version of this in Sephora or in Macy’s with the same quality. I’m sure there’s tons of cosmetic lines/brands that has beautiful range of  glosses that you can choose from. But for a simple gloss, it’s not something you will go purchasing in Kylie’s line exclusively.

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Again, this is just all my opinions and simple tips if you are planning on getting one for yourself. To be perfectly honest, if you’re in a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money when it comes to make up, you may consider thinking carefully before getting one. But if you really want to treat yourself and splurge, this may be a good purchase for you.

I’m actually considering getting more shades of her lip kits though. I just think that the quality is good and and the shades are really beautiful. Also it goes well with my skin color. But we’ll see. I might also be looking for some dupes for this product because I know there are tons of products out there that has the same quality but in a lesser price.

Anyhoo, I hope you all had fun reading my review for Kylie Lip Kit. It’s something I really wanted to do for quite a while. Also, I have done a lot of make up shopping lately and I can’t wait to show you everything I got! Yay!

Please leave a comment if you have purchased a Kylie Lip Kit before or you are planning on buying one? What do you think of it? I would love to hear from you! x






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