Shadow of the City Music Festival


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I was browsing through my external hard drive when I found these photos from my camera last June when my friends and I attended a music festival in New Jersey called Shadow of the City. It was organized and headed by Bleachers band vocalist, Jack Antonoff, which by the way was born and raised in New Jersey. He is so passionate about this festival cause he really wanted Jersey to be known as a place where people for good music and such.

So basically I traveled all the way to New Jersey for this because they are headlining BORNS and The 1975 which of course, as you all guys know, my forever favorite band of all time. Not even kidding.

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And although I’m in New York city most of the time, I never had a chance to go to New Jersey and so this is my first time visiting this state. I kid you not, but I literally go through 5 different states on my way to NJ! (Maryland, DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania at some point and lastly New York)

I left DC around 12AM then I got to NYC around 5-ish then I took a train going to NJ which is just a 10-minute ride. From there Diane came and fetch me and then we went to their house to change for the festival. I met her friend, Sam, and by around 1PM we reached the beach where the festival will take place.

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Shadow of the City light box *so cute*

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Tix tix tix
Short story: There are different tickets for this event and I didn’t know that Sam and Diane bought a different one. I thought we all bought Premium GA, they just bought the GA. And although mine is different from theirs I ended up not going to that section because there’s not much difference viewing wise.

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Inside the event
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The location of this festival reminds me so much of Virginia Beach. We went there last year and this place really reminds me of that. Vacation vibes!

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This is me trying to be artsy lmao
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

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Since we arrived way too early, you can see in these photos that people hasn’t arrived yet and so we found a good spot for parking smoothly. Now, we’re settled. We took photos, grab something to eat then they got their drinks. We also listened to the first few artists who performed. HANA, Shamir and Bishop Briggs performed around 3-5PM then followed by FRANKIERO AND THE CELLABRATION.

Fun fact: I was amazed by this band because there’s a lot of people who went that wore their band shirt. And we are wondering who are they because I haven’t heard of this band ever. Then one girl told us that this band’s lead vocals is My Chemical Romance’s previous member. That was really a “Oh shit! No way!” moment for me. DUH! MCR is my high school life, come on.

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This is FRANKIERO performing

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Hello Sam! Hehe
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Then Steel Train played, it’s another band of Jack Antonoff. They are so good as well. And then followed by everyone’s daddy, Garrett Borns aka BORNS.

Ohhhh. I love this guy to death! I just discovered him this year when I bought a tix for this festival. The main reason why I really wanted to go here is because of The 1975. Then Diane told me when we bought the tix that we should also listen to some of the artists in the line up. And so I did. I searched BORNS in Spotify and Youtube and goooosh I fell in love instantly. Actually, before this festival I went to one of his concert here in DC. That’s why it’s my second time seeing him live. It was insane. Love him!



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While waiting for BORNS and The 1975 to perform, we saw John Waugh roaming around the place. He is the sax player of The 1975 and so I immediately called Diane and we took a pic with him. How lucky!!

I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos of the artists who played but I really enjoyed all of their sets. It’s so refreshing to go to a music festival than to a concert. It’s a different experience especially if you are fond of travelling for music, just like us.

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Before The 1975’s set, Carly Rae Jepsen performed first. We really had a good time. And by that time, Diane and Sam we’re a little bit drunk. We decided to got at the back for us to see clearly cause when we are in the center of the crowd we cannot see a thing. #asianproblems tbh!!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

And maybe around 9-ish, The 1975 finally take the stage and then we legit went crrraaazy! We are dancing, singing and shouting all at the same time. And mind you, it’s already my fourth time seeing them live but hell yeahhhhh the feels is still the same.

Here’s a proof of our mad skillz during the set of The 1975 (watch the video)

LMAO. We went hard on this one! Heart Out and She’s American is probably my faves among all songs of The 1975. I felt so alive!

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

I did not take a lot of photos during their set because we are just busy having so much fun. I did take a lot of snaps tho for remembrance. LOL. (snapchat: selyang)

I say this all the time but I will say it again. I guess people who knows me is tired hearing this; The 1975 is so dear to my heart that even if I have watched them for so many times, I would still be very happy to watch them all over again. I don’t think it will change for some time. So get used to it.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

All in all, it was really a fun night. Good music, amazing friends and joy under the sun. I went home with a very happy heart. So tiring yet the adventure and memories is something worthwhile.

I still have a lot of travel blog posts to come. Our Las Vegas and LA trip last July and also my 3-stay in Brooklyn last May. And oh! My Twenty One Pilots concert experience in Madison Square Garden last week!! Can’t wait to share them to you! So please watch out for that!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I am reliving my experience of this fun day. Let me know what other music festivals did you go to? Did you have fun? Comment below!


See ya!!!



Edit: VSCO cam and Lightroom

Diane’s Instagram: click here

Sam’s Instagram: click here










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