Been really into the the world of Netflix lately. And it’s not just Netflix but all other video streaming apps. You name it and for sure, I have already tried using it once or maybe I still am. I used to have Hulu and Viki on my phone but I decided to unsubscribe since I haven’t used it after my 2 months of subscription. Now, I watch mainly in 2 apps —  Netflix and HBO now. Love these two to death!

So now I’m gonna share to you some of my favorite series that I have watched on both apps.



This series is just so #relatable – I love it! First heard of it because of Lena Dunham then I decided to watch it and by just watching the first episode I immediately became a fan. It currently has 5 seasons but next year the 6th and final season will premiere and you have no idea how excited I am. This is literally every millenial’s life story at the moment. Lezz be honeezzt.




FRIENDS (Netflix)

Come on. This is very obvious. You can’t beat a classic. Although I did not grew up watching this but I’ve seen this several times in television growing up —  but didn’t get a chance to watch it, not until this year. Yay! Thanks to Netflix. But nonetheless, I realized that if I have seen this way sooner I might not get some of the things they’ve talked about especially when it comes to relationship so hooray for that.




Again, I’m 5 years late for this series. Way back in college, most of my friends are watching them and been taking about this series nonstop. But being a stubborn as I am, I don’t have the urge on watching this. But oh boy, I was wrong. This is just too good. I can’t stop watching it even if it has almost 24 episodes per season and each episode is 50 mins long. Finished it in 2 weeks. Bam!  Chuck Bass!




Two words: LESLIE KNOPE. If you’re looking for a very wholesome but outrageously funny show to watch this is for you. You can see the memes from this show all over Tumblr and I’ve been wondering for quite a while where are those coming from cause they are hilarious as crap. Then I decided to check it out. But I must say, this show has a very particular humor. So if you are not a fan of am internet-slash-tumblr humor, then you may not like this. But please do check this out first! You will love it!




Another classic and of course, one of the best. Carrie Bradshaw, everybody! I am sure you have heard of this and let me tell you that every single thing in this series is just #GOALS. I don’t know about you guys but this kind of series is really my jam. Very funny with a hint of sexiness with  life lessons and relationship tips on the side – perfect combo! Miranda, Carrie, Samantha & Charlotte can slay any one every time.



THE OFFICE (Netflix)

I’ve watched this first before Parks and Recreation. And yes, THIS IS SOLID GOLD. A Tumblr treasure, for sure. Although the humor is very similar with P&R, this is something you can watch everyday and still can be the funniest thing ever. Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson are just phenomenal. No wonder this is such a meme.


tttpTWIN PEAKS (Netflix)

I became aware of Twin Peaks because of Dan Smith of the band Bastille couple of years ago. I’ve been watching a lot of interviews of him and he kept on saying that their first album was inspired by this series. I forgot all about this but when I saw this is on Netflix, I decided to give it a try. It is created by David Lynch, one of the best movie maker of all time. This was aired in the 90’s and still relevant up to this day because this is truly a masterpiece. No doubt.




Very hesitant to watch this at first but I get a hold of it after watching couple of episodes. It was recommended by one of my friends. She said that I would really loved it and man, she is not wrong. I fell in love with this series in general. The characters are amazing and the story is very great. I can relate to Ted Mosby so much. I won’t say anything so I won’t spoil something. Hihi. Watch it!



THAT 70’s SHOW (Netflix)

I’ve been watching this for years and never get a chance to finish it. And now that we are blessed with Netflix, I’m finally done with it. This is also a sitcom starring Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon (OITNB), Topher GraceDanny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama. It is set in the 70’s so if you love retro fashion and style you will definitely love this show. Trivia: This is where Mila and Ashton first met. They are still kids and after almost 15 years they met again and they got married. Sweetness overload!




Okay. First of all, let me tell you that this kind of series is normally not my cup of tea. But I kept on hearing people saying that this is the best show in the world blah blah and they won’t stop blabbing how amazing this show was. I tried watching one or two episodes and then it hit me. Damn. It is really amazing. The acting, cinematography and the story is just beyond words. The awards that this series have won throughout the years speaks for itself. Definitely something you don’t wanna miss.




Do I need to say a word? If you haven’t watched this you are missing A WHOLE LOT OF THINGS. Suspense-thriller-mystery-drama on its finest! All in one. No wonder everyone kept on talking about this and I just can’t get enough of this. The next season will premiere next month and I’m holding my breathe until that day comes.


So there! That’s all the series that I’ve been watching for the past few months. I hope you guys will check them out and let me know if you do like them! And if you have watched any of those shows, please tell me all about it in the comments!!

See ya! x







6 thoughts on “NETFLIX OBSESSION

  1. Kristine

    I love Parks and Rec! Haven’t finished watching it though, but I just love Andy and April and how Leslie’s attitude is. Super nice! And I just started watching The Office, hope to finish it though hahaha cause sometimes I forgot that I have series to watch haah


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