Adulthood and stuff



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While watching Girls (a series in HBO), Hannah — the main character — became so frustrated on being an adult that she basically said that her biggest goal in life is to be able to  write a check without looking on the old one and copy its format. And I totally can relate to that because I just got my own check not so long ago (yes, that thing has my own name on it like it’s so legit lol) and I can’t write on it without consulting my mom EVERY SINGLE TIME or looking on my previous checks from work just to make sure if I’m doing it right.

Do you remember teaching us that in school? HELL NO! They never taught us where we should invest our money. They never taught us what’s the ‘thing’ that you should look for when you’re applying for credit card. They never taught us what’s the difference between credit and debit. They never taught us what on earth is stock exchange and where all those numbers came from. They never taught us what’s up with all these insurance company that kept on offering you things and services. They never taught us a lot of things. Yet we spent so many hours doing things at school that sometimes cannot be applied in REAL WORLD. And I’m just realizing it now. WOW.

It sucks, of course, but we have to deal with it on our own unique way. As for me, I just now started reading online articles about things you should know about investments, I asked my friends who are familiar with finance and marketing about the terms that I haven’t heard of, I wrote down my future plans and I even subscribed on magazines that I think will help to become the person I want to be.


To be perfectly honest, I’m really excited on exploring this new phase of myself. I’m being positive about it because I know I’m going to learn a hell lot of new things just when I thought I already know a lot of things. It reminded me that we should never stop asking questions and to stay hungry for knowledge.

And that’s when I realized that adulthood is not something that can be taught and you can get from school. It’s something that you have to experience and learn for yourself. I’m sure our parents went through the same stage that we are going through, maybe more complicated than we thought, and if they can get through it then so can we.

Cheers to all 20-something that are having hard time coping up with adulthood! We’ll do good, I know. x




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