My First NYC Trip

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Laughing at myself right now because I’m thinking of a good excuse why am I making this post just now when it’s clearly 4 months late and in the next 2 weeks I will be visiting NYC again. Hashtag procrastination at its finest.

So, last December (2015) I  went to New York city for one major reason — and that is to watch The 1975 live. I got my ticket MONTHS before my actual visit to the city. I have no idea how to get there ALONE and where will I get the money because during that time I still don’t have a regular income to rely to. Hence I still decided to get the ticket and just let the universe do the work.

Luckily, a month before the concert I got a job and so I started planning my trip. My parents were against the fact that I will be traveling alone because, of course, that’s what every parents do. Haha, kidding. But then with my endless effort in convincing them that I will be fine they later on approved.

My friend from New Jersey, Diane, along with her mom, agreed on giving me a ‘mini tour’ of the city before going to the event itself. Since I will be arriving in NYC at noon and be gone by midnight I don’t expect to see EVERYTHING that New York has to offer but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. After all, it’s my dream city — my place to be. What could be possibly go wrong, right?

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I get to see the Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, Times Square and many more. We had lunch at the infamous food truck, The Halal Guys. We roam from one block to another and it is so much fun despite the fact that it’s winter time. I kept on saying, “This is insane! Just like in the movies.” I’m fangirling so much and I just couldn’t believe it.

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They walk with me to the venue of the concert, Terminal 5, which I think is like 9 blocks away (or more) from Times Square. That’s the great thing about New York; you can literally walk through everything.

When I reached the venue, I’m not really surprised that there’s a long line of people waiting for the doors to be opened because it’s a common thing when you go to concerts but hey this is not a tropical country! Its’s winter time, people! It’s freezing!!

Fortunately, I know few people who will also watched the concert that I met online. We kept in touch and decided to go together. They’re standing in cold streets of New York for almost 5 hours before I met them. YES. DEDICATION. And so I’m very lucky that I don’t need to wait any longer because of them. THANKS, TALA AND SARAH!!

As expected, it was an awesome show. It’s my second time seeing them and it’s still great as usual. Since they will be releasing a new album during that time, they played new songs and I enjoyed every bit of it very much. Sang my heart out and just indulge the moment.

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I will not get into the details of the concert because I think I will be posting more of them next month when I see them again. Also, I already posted about my The 1975 concert experience here.

All in all, it was one of the most unforgettable 24 hours of my life. It’s just so spontaneous and very fresh adventure for me. It’s probably one of the things that I will surely regret if I didn’t follow my guts and just let my fears won over me.

Just like in life, sometimes we worry too much what will happen next instead of facing it by ourselves. After my trip to New York, I feel proud of myself for standing up for what really makes me happy. Always remember to take risks and you’ll never have to ask “what ifs”

See you again in 2 weeks, New York! x






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