Why I Love Going to Concerts

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It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post. I’ve been tremendously busy these past few months (especially Feb and March). There are just way too many things that I need to take care of and I would love to share it here on my blog when it’s all settled. (Can’t wait!!)

Anyhoo, besides all those adult stuff that I’ve been part of these past few months with some online shopping on the side (oops) — I’m also buying a lot of concert tickets. Yes, you read it right. Since I promise to make 2016 a great year for myself, I decided on investing my hard-earned bucks with concerts and travels.

You see, I’m a big  fan of concerts. I’m such a fangirl at heart so it’s not that hard to understand. When I admire an artist, I have to see them live. End of discussion.

For the past few years I’ve been going to several concerts. Well, it all began way back 2009 when I first decided to go to Pulp Summer Slam. It’s an annual rock-slash-metal music festival held in the Philippines every April.  It started 16 years ago (2000) and  it’s still on going.  I went there for like five times and I will not trade my experience there for anything else. Btw, I’m 16 during that time and I may not necessarily know all of the bands that played there but I love the vibes of it and how my friends and I really enjoyed a night of nothing but fun and good music.

Then when I was a college student in Manila, my BFFZ, Ange, tagged me along with her on several concerts as well. We went to see Steve Aoki on Sonic Carnival (music festival) and Zedd’s Moment of Clarity tour before 2013 ends. Which is a great year-ender, not gonna lie.

And before moving here in the States last year, I went to see The 1975 and attended UP Fair last year with my closest of friends. BUT what makes 2015 really awesome is that I get to see Zedd again last year here in DC and I also traveled to NYC to see The 1975 for the second time. Can you imagine how happy I am? (Speaking of, I still haven’t written a blog post about my NYC trip and Zedd concert! Ugh!)



So this year, I decided to do more of these things and just keep on collecting memories of watching my favorite artists live rather than watching their videos on YouTube or listening to them on my phone. And you should do the same too.


Because nothing beats the real thing. It’s one the things in life that when you look back years from now you’ll be smiling by just thinking about that specific day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 3-day music festival or just a 2-hour concert. What matters is that you are there. Living the moment.

Yes, it’s not easy and of course, not the cheapest thing on Earth but I promise you, when you are there in the crowd singing your heart out in the middle of your favorite song and indulging the moment, you will not be thinking of that hundreds of dollars you just spent or the miles you have traveled just to be there. You’ll just know that it’s really worth it and you didn’t regret a single thing about it. It will stay with you for life. And that, my friend, is the greatest gift ever.

Start now. If you have a favorite artist/s or band/s you can start by checking if they have gigs on bars near your place or they might be playing in your campus or on your local malls. If you have no one to be with, don’t be scared to go alone. I’ve been to a concert by myself too and I enjoyed every second of it.

Let me tell you this, I am surrounded by a lot of people who loves going to festivals and concerts as much as I do. They are the people who waits patiently for hours in line and even camping out on the venue the night before. They are the ones who dedicates their time making posters and signs. Some of them don’t even care flying from one country to another just to see their faves. And yes, my best of friends are the coolest because we are all fangirls in real life. And to be perfectly honest, they are the best people I know. (I can’t wait for them to fly here and we’ll be attending festivals like crazy!!)

So for this summer I’ll be going to:

  • April – Justin Bieber’s concert in DC
  • May – BORNS live in DC and The 1975 on NYC
  • June – Shadow of the City music festival in New Jersey (Headliners: The 1975 and BORNS)

Then we will fly to LA by the end of June with my family and I am really looking forward to that. So if you happen to be here at one of these events, please don’t hesitate to message me and maybe we can watch our faves together!

What are you waiting for? Always remember that life’s too short so buy that goddamn concert tickets! :)






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