Journal 101: How to Start Your #journaljourney

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If you have read my 2016 Goals — one of the things I included on my list is to keep a journal. I have always been fond of writing my thoughts ever since I was little. I remember having so many “Dear Diary” moments especially on high school. But for some reason I wasn’t able to find a way on making it as a habit.

Not until this year that I decided to make it happen. I was very motivated last year that I really want to start my 2016 right. And so here are my tips if you also wanted to start your own #journaljourney.

  1. Select a journal that feels perfect for you

It doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be expensive or really fancy — but something that will inspire you to write everyday. I bought my planner on Kate Spade and my journal on Peter Pauper Press (they have the best journal designs btw). They are not that expensive but they are something that I look forward on writing everyday because they are very pretty and they suit my personality very well. If you want a journal that’s very simple and handy, you can always try Moleskine.

Also, earlier this month I bought a journal at Alunsina Handbound Books as gift to my close friend, Crista. We have the same personality and so I know that she really needed to start making a journal as well. And since her birthday is just around the corner I decided to send her one. And yes, Alunsina gives you the chance to customize your own journal that’s why my friend love hers so much. What I’m trying to say is, just choose something you REALLY like and make sure it will reflect your personality.

2.  Customize it

When I decided to start my #journaljourney, I immediately think of buying things that will make my journal habit enjoyable for me. I bought stickers and different colored pens that I think will be a great addition to my journal. You can also try colored scotch tapes or the Wishy Washi ones. I have few of them too. I also try to keep random things that will help me remember that specific day like; receipts, candy wrappers or bottle caps. Make it your time capsule slash scrap book. Let your creative juices flow.


3. Be carefree

Don’t hesitate to write anything what’s on your head. It’s YOUR journal anyways. Why bother, right?

What I usually do is I also write there my wish lists, goals, feelings during that day or even song lyrics. Don’t limit yourself with what you can and can’t write on there. Writing is a good therapy especially if you’re an over-thinker just like me. You’ll be amaze what great things it can do in your everyday life.

4. Make time for it

Make a schedule. Choose what time is the best for you to write. Since I’m a night owl, I always write between 12 am to 2 am — when I’m done with work and I had my long bath. I usually sip a cup of tea with cookies on the side and lit up my scented candles and write what happened to me during the day. It’s my way of relaxation after a long day. If you follow me on Snapchat (username: selyang), you know I always do these things. LOL.

Now that I’ve given you steps on starting your own #journaljourney, it’s your time to take action. Let me know if these simple tips helped you with your new found hobby. I swear, it’s the best thing ever! Can’t wait to read your stories. Good luck! x



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