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When I checked my stats today I was surprised to see that my blog just hit 6,000 views! Wow! Considering how often I post — this is really a great number for me and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I started blogging way back 2009; on Tumblr. But even before, I have always been active in various websites like Friendster and Myspace. You’re probably thinking, “Woah! That’s a long time.” Haha! It really is, you can say that I’m one of those internet dinosaurs that been always here since the beginning of days. #notsorry

But not until May of 2015 that I decided to take blogging into the next level. And that’s how NOT SO OLD SOUL was born. It has always been fun for me to share random things about myself and the things I love on the internet and what I really enjoy the most is the the fact that somewhere in the world; I know someone is reading what I wrote.

This blog haven’t even had its first anniversary but it already opened a lot of doors for opportunities (watch out next for my announcement!) and for me to meet new people and be an inspiration to others in my own little way. I love when random people that I haven’t talked to before sent me messages saying that they just read my blog and I inspired them to start their own blog as well. That really warms my heart.

I am not trying to be a beauty guru or a fashion icon or even a travel blogger. I am just ME and I just love to write things that I love and enjoy. Random things like how much I love books and going to concerts and how I’m fascinated with old things; I like sharing with you tiny pieces of me. I write when I feel like it and I want this happy place to remain that way.

But really, thank YOU if you’ve been reading my blog since day one or even if you just discovered me today — it doesn’t matter. Still, I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart. It really means a lot. x

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