Travel Snapshots: Delaware 2015


This is a long overdue blog post but I will share it anyway.

We spent our first ever 4th of July in Delaware, where our uncle currently lives with his family. This is also our first out-of-state travel if  Virginia is not included. Small trivia: For those who didn’t know, DC is not YET a state. I was confused at first because I thought it was but it turned out it wasn’t. Now we know. 

We stayed at our uncle’s beautiful home over the long weekend not only for the 4th of July but to celebrate his birthday as well. Yay! We met our cousins that traveled all the way from Canada via car and they’ve been on the road for days before they stopped over Delaware. They’ve been travelling all over America every summer and as a matter of fact, they already visited West Coast last year so this year they went to explore the East Coast! How fun was that, right?

We went shopping while we are there because Delaware has no tax since it’s one of their privilege being ‘the first state’ of the US (I know, they are very lucky!). We also went to the the Air Mobility Command Museum to see the old military airplanes. Then we went to have lunch in a hotel/casino that has a view over the Dover NASCAR race track which is totally amazing. And lastly, we went to the Lewes Beach to enjoy the sun. It was so much fun especially because we get to meet and bond over our cousins who are the same as my brother’s so we get along very well.

Below are some snapshots of our trip. I decided to edit it and make it look like an instax film because I recently discovered that Afterlight app (one of  my faves) has a feature to make your photos look like that. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Travel Snapshots: Delaware 2015

      1. Kristine

        You know what, I am actually in East Coast. Haha. But I have never been in Delaware. Also, I read on your previous posts that you are Filipina, well, me too. Hehe. Loved your posts btw.

        Liked by 1 person

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