The 9 Beauty Must-Haves That Every Girl Needs


Disclaimer: I am no professional beauty/makeup guru of some kind, This post is 100% based on my experience and all opinions are solely mine. 

Every person that probably know me will say that I am the least kikay (vain) of all the girls they know and I must agree to that because ever since I was little I hate fussing about how I look or fixing my hair on daily basis. I remember when I was in high school I don’t even own a hair brush/comb or even a lose powder on my bag. Can you imagine that? That goes the same way when I was in college. I don’t even let my hair dry before leaving the house. Sucker, I know, but I never felt conscious with how I look and I always admire girls wearing less makeup and still manage to look very pretty. I’m not saying that I hate girls when they wear makeup, it’s just not my thing.

Although I’ve been watching  a lot of tutorials on how to do make up on my faves beauty channels on Youtube for years, not until early this year did I learn how to fully groom my brows. LOL. Thanks Mom and shout out to my friend, Clei, for being my run-to person when it comes to makeup and fash! But on a serious note, makeup sometimes gives you the boost of confidence you need to face other people because you feel good about yourself. It’s not a bad thing though! And now, I fully understand that makeup shopping can be so addicting (I feel you guys now!).

I listed the 9 things that your makeup bag should have if you are like me that doesn’t like to put way too many products on their face and would like to maintain the no-make-up look every day. Hihi.



I make sure that I apply moisturizer before putting any makeup on my face. It keeps my face hydrated all day. I’ve been loving Proactiv products because it makes my acne-prone skin happy. <3 I wrote a post about it weeks ago. You can read it here.

I use: Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer


Sometimes we just need to hide some things, okay? It’s totally normal. And a little concealer won’t harm you. It is totally a must-have! Pro-tip: When choosing a concealer, always choose a shade darker than your skin tone so it will not look like you have white spots all over your face especially in a night out with friends and they randomnly take photos of you with flash (lol i know). A shade darker than your skin tone will blend well if you apply a liquid foundation and powder afterwards.

I use: NYX HD Concealer and so far it’s doing its job right.

BB Cream

This is optional but I recommend buying one especially if it has SPF because it can protect your face from exposure in the sun.  You can use liquid foundation but I prefer having BB Cream with me all the time.

I use: Proactiv BB Cream


THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD. I can have a bare face and just put mascara on and I’m good to go. #Obsessed is an understatement and I’m totally into it now. It makes everything better.

I’m currently using 2 mascaras; Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara (which is by the way the best!) and Rimmel Scandal Eyes. They are both gorg but I love Maybelline more because it includes a small brush for lower lash which is very convenient.

Eyebrow Pencil and Brush

“Learn to groom your brows”

That is one of the most important things I learned this year (haha) and it’s true. Know what type of brows fits the shape of your face and always make sure it’s on fleek.

I use: NYX Brow Pencil in the sahde of Dark Brow

Liquid Eyeliner

This is not exactly an essential but I prefer having one because it comes very handy at times. Winged eyeliner can never go wrong. You can use the normal liquid eyeliner or you can use the pen one, both is okay. Choose what’s easier for you.

I use: Covergirl Liquid Eyeliner & NYX eyeliner pen

Lipstick, lip balm, lip tint or any lip product

If you are like me who’s not comfortable having  lipstick on, you can use a lip tint or lip gloss. But as of now, I am just using a lip balm because I still can’t find a shade that suits me very well. You can consider this an essential because there are just days when you feel like you need a little bit of color and lip tints are always useful.

I use: EOS Mint Vanilla


Pretty much very basic. Every girl should at least have this on their makeup bag because it makes your skin looks fresh and shine-free. Always make sure you have this on your purse every now and then.

I use: Maybelline FIT ME! Shade 120

Eyelash Curler

I just appreciated the amazing-ness of eyelash curlers a week before last week (believe it or not) when we passed by H&M and I saw that their beauty section is on sale and I got my very first eyelash curler for only $3! Hooray great deal! It made applying mascara a lot easier and it will also make your eyes look bigger. I am planning on investing on a pricier eyelash curler soon but for now I am just using this as a beginner.

There goes my list of beauty must-haves. Let me know if there are things that I am missing out and you think should be included in this list. Again, if you are not comfortable wearing makeup, it is totally okay and normal. I feel you. No one should put pressure on you on doing things you do not like, not even the society. And even if you like putting makeup, you should not feel ashamed about it and think you are less beautiful than you are now. In the end of the day, the most confident you are with yourself, the more it shows outside. Do more of what makes you happy. So keep doing you. :)

PS. Should I be a beauty guru? Yuh, I don’t think so too.

Until next time! x

4 thoughts on “The 9 Beauty Must-Haves That Every Girl Needs

  1. Corinth

    I tried to like Maybelline mascaras but I just can’t. I love Loreal mascaras which is weird because I think they’re sister companies haha. Anyway, how’s the covergirl eyeliner? I want to try a new liquid eyeliner because I’m just tired of using my gel one. You should try to use a primer too! Get a pore-filler one, it will help make your face look smoother and will make your makeup stay on your face longer.


    1. aseguradojaicel

      I first used Rimmel mascara and it makes my eyes watery the whole day. And so I tried Maybelline and thankfully it worked. But I still used the Rimmel sometimes bc of the brush. Hehe.

      Covergirl eyeliner stays longer but the the nyx pen is easier to use. I’m also looking for other brands to try for the winged eye look so.. Suggest a brand for primers! I heard Benefit is okay? What do you think?

      Anyway, I’m so excited to see you!!!! I will finally have a make-up shopping buddy when you arrived here. CANT WAIT!! ❤️


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