Why You Should Not Give Up

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I wrote down on my journal 3 things that I need to achieve before turning 30.

Bachelor’s Degree, NYC and Harry Styles.

I believe that the last one is ‘possible’ as oppose to what other people might say that it is not because for me it’s more like — “Why the hell not?”

We all have dreams; we are born dreamers. You can tell one’s personality when you asked them about their dreams and goals in life. Your dreams represent your inner desired outcome, manifesting into your reality. I admire people with big things on their mind. In fact, if you talked to me and tell me that someday you believe that you will rule the world or you will be the next Michael Jackson, I will not laugh at you and think you are being ridiculous. I will give you my biggest smile and say, “Yes! Go for it!” because I believe you can make it happen. Maybe not today but someday you will, if and only if you will work hard for it. After all, Michael Jordan did not happen to be a NBA Superstar in just a week and surely Barrack Obama did not ace being the President of the United States overnight. Everyone struggles every single day. That’s a fact. So don’t think you have all the problems in the world because you clearly don’t have them all. The key to become successful is not to lose your focus on your goals and keep doing on what you believe you can do best.

I wrote this because early this year, I became frustrated. Frustrated because there are a lot of things I wanted to do but I wasn’t able to do for so many reasons. Money, family, life decisions, pressure, distractions and many more. All those issues that a 20-ish lady you think have. Most of my friends think I am very fortunate that I have a chance to move here in the States, which I am very much glad about, but then you get this feeling that you are worried about many things and you take yourself so seriously you ended up being stuck in a place that everybody is moving and going on with their lives every day and you are just there, standing, unnoticeable, waiting for things to happen eventually. You let yourself become your own nightmare. You get tired and you give up thinking and the next thing you know everyone is progressing and you are not. One thing I realize is, things will never wait for you. You have to go after them and you have to throw yourself out there, be brave and never set limits. This may sound very much a cliché line but that’s what will make you the person you want to become.


Few years back, I never believe on things like “Existential and Quarter Life Crisis” but now I think I am experiencing it. We, the one having it, are literally on the verge of becoming an adult but not yet, on the stage of being not a child but still acting like one, too young to take seriously but too old to play around. Oh, the irony.  And if you can’t relate yourself with it, I am telling you now that it is hard. Very hard.  But hey, I just want you to know that everyone has been on this situation at some point in their lives and they made it. So can you, so can we.

If you are reading this and you are experiencing the same thing, I would like you to know that you are not alone. Whatever you are aiming to do with your life, go for it. This is the push that you need.

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