A Thousand Reads

I just found out last Monday that I reached 1,000++ reads here on my blog!! Hooray! I did not expect this at all thinking that I just had 3 blog posts for this month!  I do not really checked my blog statistics as much but when I saw that I just had a thousand reads I got very excited and happy. AHHHH!

Others may think that a thousand views is just a small number and it seems like it’s nothing to be fussy about, but for me this is a huge deal. You see, I started blogging way back 2009 when my friend, Corinth, introduced me to Tumblr. Ever since then, blogging became one of my  favorite things to do. I write random stuff that comes into my mind every day. Whether it’s all about how my day went at school or a new restaurant we just discovered or just ordinary day with friends, I write everything there. I write mainly for myself, like an online diary, and I do not expect people to read through it but I enjoyed every bit of it.

My mom always say to me, “My dream for you is to become a writer or a journalist. Someone who writes for a Manila Bulletin or something.”  She always encourage me to write and I always said to her that I can’t see myself pursuing that kind of career. As a matter of fact, I detest the idea of it for a long time. I can write, yes, but only because I want to write and not because I needed to. And I want it to stay that way.

Here in my blog, I post as much as I can, not because I want my blog to be noticed by many but because I want to improve and explore the way I write. This year when I started this blog I realized how passionate I am when it comes to writing down my ideas and sharing it to other people. This slowly became my baby. Little by little, step by step, I want to open myself up to new possibilities on how far this “hobby” can take me. I consider it an achievement when people come to me and said that they enjoyed what I wrote. Whether it’s about my travel stories or just random whatnot, it really flatters me. That’s what makes writing magical. The thought that people spent time reading things you truly enjoy is what makes this experience amazing and I am staying because of it.

I am just so happy with this milestone. Cheers to another thousand in the future! x

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