What It Feels Like To Be 22 Years Old


Well, I celebrated my birthday last July 20 and I just turned 22. Haha! Yes! I am totally an adult now and there’s no turning back. If I’m in the Philippines it may be a big deal since being on your 20’s there is most likely the stage of your life wherein a lot of people around you expect a lot from you and it seems like most of responsibilities is now on your shoulders since you already finished school and you are starting your career. But since I am now living here in the States I noticed that it’s the other way around. Being 22 here is a lot different. Yes, it is the same thing like being responsible and such is expected from you blah blah but it is weirdly celebrated and everyone around you is very happy for you THAT YOU ARE 22. Yes, you read it correct. It is celebrated. Well, I’m  not saying that birthdays SHOULD not be celebrated because if you think that way you are definitely not getting the point of this post. I just think that they are happy that you are now LEGALLY an adult. You technically do not need your parents to go with you anywhere, you just need your passport or any ID that has your birth date and you are good to go. Plus, you are allowed to buy liquor!! Which is, by the way, the ultimate fantasy of most high school kids in America. LOL.

Okay, let me give you a scenario. On the day of my birthday we went to Fossil so we can look for some watch. And then a clerk approached us and asked if we need something in particular and of course, I said it’s my birthday so we are looking for some watch for me to have as a gift from my mom. And he asked me if how old am I and I said, “Twenty two” and he said “Yes, gurrrl. Werk it!” while giving me a high five. Hahaha. I hope you now get what I am saying. I don’t want to go into details about the things that Philippines differ from the States because I like to dedicate a blog post regarding that. Soon. Hehe.

So a week before my birthday, my parents keep on asking me what I wanted to do for my birthday. My mom suggested to visit New York since it’s all I think about since I got here but I don’t want to go there not ready, you know. I need to prepare myself since it’s my favorite city. Haha weird. Also. I don’t want to ask them for anything. My dad felt bad for me so he even bribed me on buying concert tickets but I said NO. (Arte!) So we just ended up having dinner at Nando’s and a fro-yo at Pinkberry. Mom bought me a rose gold watch that I totally fell in love with and then we went home. Thanks Mama, Papa and Jimboy! <3

I still feel the same though, nothing has changed. I just felt weird sometimes because you still feel like you are a kid but then you realized that you are not anymore and you started to think a lot of things like your future plans, goals and everything then you realized you are slowly becoming 30 and you don’t want to die alone and so on and so forth. Hahaha. Crazy, right? Welcome to my everyday thinking.

On a serious note, I would just like to say that before, I used to think that age is such a huge deal but then I realized it is really just a number and it all depends on the way you think. There are people who are 45 years of age but still think like they are still a teenager and some people that are the same age as me but thinks like a grand dad. AND I would like to point out that there is nothing wrong with being like that. It’s totally OKAY. You can be who you wanna be and you should not let anyone tell you that you CAN’T. I am technically 22 years old but I sometimes think I am 27 but there are days when I feel and act like I am 12 and I am totally fine with it. And you should too because there’s nothing wrong with that. Have fun. And for as long as you are not hurting anyone, you should not feel different. Live your life.


For those people who are also suffering from existential crisis like me, don’t worry because you are not alone. I am, too, with you. This stage shall pass and everything will be fine. virtual hug

I love how this post is so chill and feels like I am just conversing with you, my reader. Not too formal and just speaking random whatnot, this is totally me. I just leave it here. ‘Til next time! x

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