Roaming Around DC | Part One


Right after we arrived here in States, the next day we immediately went for our first ever adventure. My dad could not come along with us because of work and since my mom already filed for a week of vacation right before we came here, she is the one taking care of our itineraries for our first time touring the city.

First, our mom bought us a Metro card (sorry I have no photo) which is basically our LRT/MRT  card in Manila. Metro is what they call their subway. They are re-loadable either thru cash or card and very easy to use. At first, I cannot understand how color coding on their train works but since we’ve been into trains for a number of times now, I already understood it. They have electronic boards on how many minutes are left before the train arrives and they have an app for it too so you won’t get lost or confused with their stations and all. I know right? It’s so amazing.




One thing I noticed tho is although there are many people riding the subway, you can already see how disciplined Americans are. There are no pushing or any other reckless movements when going inside the train unlike in the Philippines. They will wait for the people inside to go out first and make way for them by falling in line on the sides and then that’s the time you can come in. How I wish it’s also like that when you ride MRT. Haha.


And we are finally on DC. I’m so happy to see a lot of stalls like this all over the place. So much Tumblr feels! They are so colorful and although they are on the side walk they maintain the cleanliness of the road.



 There are also way too many beautiful buildings. I’m so in love! This seems so unreal, you know. It’s like one moment you see these sceneries in movies and now you can see them in real life. I keep on taking photos of all the things round me and ended up having 800 pics in my Camera Roll. LOL.


We went to see the White House, Hello Obama! 


Washington Monument in National Mall aka The Big Pencil

We grab some lunch after going to those ‘hardcore’ spots and decided to eat in MCDONALD’S! What can possibly be more American than that, huh?



They have a wide range of burgers and wraps (and calories hahaha) on their menu we ended up buying more than what we can eat. Look at those huge iced coffee! I’m not aware LARGE is that LARGE. #FirstWorldProbs

After filling up our tummies with a very unhealthy lunch, we went straight to find a museum nearby. It amazes me how there are so many museums here and they are all for FREE! This is literally heaven for my friends and Labo because we love going to museums way back in Manila but sad to say there are not as many free-for-the-public galleries and museums there.

FACT: There are 19 Smithsonian museums around DC that you can go for FREE. Click here for the list.



United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

First thing we saw through our GPS is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. When we arrived in the USHMM there are number of kids touring around the place and having their field trip and some tourists. Inside is not crowded though because the place is huge (see photo below).


Can you believe this is all for FREE? They even gave us booklets, maps and tickets for exhibit when we went inside (see photo below). How I wish we have the same thing in Manila for children to experience going on museums every time they want and not only because of field trip and school activities that only happen once in a while. *sigh*



This museum is all about the events happened during the World War II. Stories of the people affected by the war especially the Jews and to pay respect for all the people that gave their lives to save others. You can visit their website here to learn more about them and to plan your visit if you are touring around DC.


16One of the section in the museum is all about Daniel. A boy who lived through the war and suffered a lot together with his family. You can go around the replica of Daniel’s house and read his story through his writings in his diary. There are videos, pictures and even sounds in your travel around his house.






When you reached the end of the house there is a corner allocated for people to write a letter for Daniel. It’s pretty cute actually and most of the letters is from the kids that are heart broken because of Daniel’s story.




We reached the part of The Holocaust where there are more facts and about the events during the war.




This part of the museum really gave me chills and I remember the movies  ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ and ‘The Pianist’ then I suddenly get emotional. It must have been really tough living that kind of life.

I remember one of the tour guides said that really hit me,

“Remember that these people were punished not because of what they did but simply because of WHO they are.”



A  collection of all the people who died during the war

“My number is 174517, we have been baptized, we will carry the tattoo on our left arm until we die.”



Basically, all Jews where tattooed with a set of numbers on their left arm and instead of their names they are called by these numbers. When you watched the film ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ you are familiar with this because the innocent kid there used to call it as a ‘game’ that he wanted to play with his friend. I feel sad now while typing this. If you have time feel free to watched that film because it’s truly remarkable.



There is also a big directory of all the names and you can search them easily through typing them on this screen. It’s amazing how detailed and how they put so much work into this museum. It’s a great way to help the next generation to be aware of all the things that happened in our history. There is so much more to learn about.


By the end of our journey here, I realized a lot of things and feel more grateful that I was born in this generation and not during the war. Things like this open your eyes in so many things that you need to be thankful for. What a great way to end our trip.

I prayed for all the innocent souls lost because of war, and this may sound so cliche but I really wish every part of the world to be in peace and want children to grow with so much love on their hearts that they will understand that there so much more to life than guns and fights. I really do.

Leave me a comment if you have visited the Holocaust Museum or if you have other suggested place that we need to go to here in DC. We have gone to 3 other museums and will probably post it on the next few days. Ciao! 

One thought on “Roaming Around DC | Part One

  1. Cecilia

    i wish that I also have written my blog when I started living in DC…
    I luv this museum & I also feel so sad whenever I watch film or documentaries during the Nazi’s occupation of Europe.


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