Five Random Photos | Flowers

I skipped last week’s Five Random Photos due to our arrival here in States so I decided that this week’s photos will have a theme. Or maybe I will do it every week, you think? Sounds good.

There are way too many photos of flowers on my phone. I just love it like, SO MUCH. Though I am totally aware that I don’t really have a ‘green thumb’ then I’ll just buy fresh flowers every now and then. I remember saying to myself once that when I have my own home someday, I will surely fill it with flowers and candles. Yes, future goals.

I posted this on my Instagram few days ago, taken from the Basilica of the National Shrine here in DC.

JCL 718

Back in the Philippines I always bought bouquet flowers every Sunday for our Nino and I saw this on one of my old folders.


Our neighbor’s Santan. Funny how I googled “Santan in english” then it turned out that it’s just Santan although I’ve learned that its scientific name is Ixora. #TheMoreYouKnow

anything 244

Sorry for this photo being grainy but I love this photo so much. It brings back so many memories.

JCL2 032

Just the flower being BASIC.

Nothing much this week but I am trying to finish an article so bear with me and also I will post here our ‘museum hoping’ last week in DC. Ha! Looking forward to it!

Leave me a comment what the Five Random Photos next week’s theme should be. x

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