6In my last post I have shared my story about my brother and I’s first airplane ride and it took me a whole week to write all about our first day here in States because I’m still experiencing jet lag, which means I spent nights and nights and nights on Twitter and Instagram. Sucker, I know.

So basically it’s been a week already since we moved here in Maryland and my phone is already full of photos of the places we’ve been to, and I hate myself for being such a procrastinator because I now have a lot of writings to do. But I’m not complaining because I love writing for my blog (duh), I just hate myself for being way too lazy and finding excuse for everything. Ugh.

On that note, I’m going to start my story.

When we left the airport, we felt really hungry that’s why we first stop over Popeye’s to buy a bucket of fried chicken for our lunch and we basically reached home around 12 noon. My mom cooked ginisang munggo partnered with our fried chicken and I feel so satisfied knowing that I ate a lot of fast food during our 24-hour-or-so plane ride. AHHH RICE!


We went to our room and found these gifts from our parents in our bed and I was so relieved to see our new phones because I already left my iPhone 6 in Manila since we figured out there is no use for that here since all phones are on post-paid plans. Yes, we technically traveled without a phone and we survived. Ha!


We took a rest for a couple of hours then our parents told us that we are going out to buy some clothes for my brother and have some dinner after. Time to get up once more!

1We went to Tanger Outlets which is literally THE HEAVEN for all shopaholics out there. Oh well, it’s our first day so I’m basically stoked because the place is so nice and every shop is ON DISCOUNT like seriously it is the best thing ever.

4Most of the brands here can be found in Manila as well so I am pretty familiar with them, but the good thing here is that you can get the items in a very very low price. And when I say LOW price I really mean LOW PRICE. Like for example, a simple Nike shirt in Manila will cost you roughly around 800-1,000 php, right? But here you can get them for 2 SHIRTS FOR $5! How crazy is that?  Ahhhh why does everything in the Philippines is so expensive? WHY!

Some of the shops we visited


Polo Ralph Lauren


Calvin Klein










American Eagle

You just want to swipe your card to the limit with all these discounts! Gawd! I am literally screaming internally every time we walk inside those shops and think what would my “fashionista” friends would say if they were with us. Haha.


As what is really planned, we got my brother new clothes and shoes as well. He seemed to enjoy choosing and fitting in some clothes and I had so much fun giving out my opinions with each garments. So. Much. Fun. Hehe.



Right after buying some stuff we immediately went to a buffet restaurant to grab some dinner. It’s a Chinese Buffet Restaurant and although I am still not hungry after eating a lot of Popeye’s fried chicken, I have no choice but to eat again. Thank you, Lord.


Food Food Food




I just finished my plate (the last photo above) then straight to the dessert table and have some jell-o. We were also given free fortune cookies and this is what my fortune cookie told me:


I will totally sell them

Well, the food tastes okay and the service is really good and we went home with our tummies happy. What a great way to spend our first day, right?

Our first week here in States is really overwhelming and we went already to several tourist spots and learned how to ride the subway and many more. I can’t wait to write a post about it! Hopefully this week I can fix all of my unfinished business so that I can focus now on writing.

Also, I will be writing for Cosmopolitan Magazine and I haven’t even started my article yet. And hey! I reached 500 hits here in my blog! I’m beyond happy and I’m so thankful with all my readers. Oh, life. I’m so grateful with all the blessings we are receiving at the moment. Sending you all love and hugs! Leave a comment below! x

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