Tips & Thoughts: My First Ever Airplane Ride

If you have read my previous post (or you are my friend or something), you probably know by now that we have left the Philippines and we are now here in America with my parents as I am writing this. This is once again long due post because I haven’t been successful battling with my jet-lag for the past 4 days and it sucks, yes.

When we left Manila, I was a mess. I’m crying all over the airport and I cannot even control myself as I am saying my last goodbyes with my relatives and Labo. It still breaks my heart thinking about it, but I’m in a positive outlook right now and I have no room for heartache *hihi.

Anyways, I took photos of my brother and I’s first ever airplane ride! We are so excited about it and we are very much thrilled by just looking at airplanes on the airport.


This is our passports and boarding passes

I once remember in one of Matty’s (The 1975 lead singer) interview, how much he hated airport and it is because he thought of it as a “very stressful” place to be at and everything seems to be all over the place so he doesn’t like when fans approach him when they are there. And I finally understood him! I find it also very tiring not because of the crowd of people and all but because of the thought that you MIGHT be missing something from your bag or you have forgotten some important documents and so on. Luckily, everything to us went well.


Waiting game

After the endless lines and processes, we are finally waiting for us to be on board. Yehey! Success! We are so starstruck with the airplanes. And I finally concluded the quote, “You know you are way too rich when you have your own plane.” *haha


Stupid Is Forever by Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago

I bought this on the National Bookstore inside the airport because I first thought that I FORGOT my Archie comics at home (it ended up that it is in our luggage and not on my hand carry). I still haven’t read this one though.


Black on black on black

Although many people say that NAIA is by far one of the worst airports in the world I really don’t find it that bad. With this flight, I have already visited 3 airports and I know it’s not that much but I don’t feel like there’s any difference at all. Airports are still airports and I don’t enjoy them as much.

6 5

Our last sunset in the Philippines

And yes, we are finally inside! Sorry if this post sounded like I’m fangirl-ing over our plane ride but hey it’s our first time so let me be *haha. Also, I would like to add that in my dismay we are not sitting in the window side like our parents requested on our e-tickets. I did not know that the staff in Emirates in NAIA changed our sit numbers in our boarding pass. I asked for it when we landed on Dubai and they said that it depends on what time you checked in but my dad said that it’s not how it supposed to be and they might sold our seats to other consumer or something. So lesson learned, check first your boarding pass before leaving the counter.


Thank the heavens with these screens on the back of our chairs! They are all packed with hundreds of movies and music so I really don’t find our travel very boring. This one saved me because days before our flight I’m really bothered with what should I bring along with me to keep me company during our flight. I decided to bring books and a mp3 player but it turned out I do not have to worry because of this awesome tv screens. They even have One Direction movie and Zedd’s album on their playlist like duh! It’s the best thing ever! Hell to the yes!


They have these stickers (picture above) that you will place on the side of your chair so that it will be easier for the attendants to cater your needs. Guess what I place on my chair? Haha, yep, the green one.

Airplane food is not that bad to be honest. And we enjoyed it very much and I keep on asking the FA’s for orange juice because it’s so good. Don’t hesitate to ask them anything because they are very willing to do so just don’t be rude and always be polite because they have a tough job BUT one of the coolest jobs ever!


Burger King in Dubai

We have connecting flights and we have to transfer to a different plane on Dubai. We have 2-hour interval and so we decided to roam around and find a place to eat. I’m craving for some rice #PinoyProbz and of course, you are in a foreign country so what do you expect? But the good thing is, in Dubai airport there are a lot of Filipino workers and so it’s not that hard to communicate. I keep on saying “po” after every sentence and when they heard that they will talk to you in straight Filipino. Ha! Perks! They mistaken me as a Chinese once though. Haha.


We landed!

AFTER 14 HOURS!!! WE ARE FINALLY HERE! We are in the Land Of The Free!! 

We took our first step in the US of A and we are smiling the entire time. I cannot believe we made it! I was expecting a freezing weather but it ended up just fine because it’s summer. Our parents welcomed us with open arms and we are so happy about it.

I will write a different post about our travel and my experience here and I can’t wait for you guys to read it. I’m just so thankful with all the blessings that my family and I are receiving and I could not ask for anything else at the moment. Also, this blog of mine is doing so well and I’m overjoyed. Thank you for the gift of family and friends. <3

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