Five Random Photos: Week 2

I’ve started this series last week and from then, I’ve been looking through my hard drive for random photos that I can share here on my blog and luckily enough I found a lot. I found this series very therapeutic because I ended up finding myself down the memory lane as I laugh and feeling sentimental over photos that I have found. It’s amazing how a single photo can mean so many things and have tons of memories.

1. Carrot Cake Straight From America

I found this on my brother’s laptop that was given to him by my parents last year. It just happens to have a lot of photos from my mom and it turned out that it was given to her by one of her friends in one of her birthday. It looks so pretty.


2. My Light Painting 

In our Photography Class we were asked to do “Light Painting” and this is one of my attempts. It turned pretty much ‘okay’ to think that I only used an ordinary digital camera that time.


3. Raindrops On Window

I remember taking this photo when we were on our way to American Embassy for our VISA interview. Rain is definitely a sign of blessing.


4. Summer Class 2013

Ahhhh. This one brought back so many memories. One of my very first friends in Letran is Jhen and Patchee and I remember that we took the same subject during our summer class and our final project is to make a “science-related-show” or something so we ended up shooting a video for that. This is so funny. I wonder where is the final video now. I miss you, Pat and Jhen! <3


5. Indoor Garden 

I can’t remember where I took this one but one thing is for sure I’m totally in love with flowers lately. No doubt.



If you noticed, I moved my Tumblr blog here in WordPress and I now have my own domain (yay!) but I’m still on my trial so I’m still experimenting things and stuff here so this might be temporary but I’m currently loving it. Kudos to WordPress for making my life easier! Please leave a comment on what you think on my new blog layout :)

7 thoughts on “Five Random Photos: Week 2

  1. Cecilia

    luv that carrot cake!
    Keep up your good writing skills, this will help you build your target goals in the future💰👓


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