My Five Random Photos : Week 1

Since I’m very much in the mood to write a blog post tonight, I will just let my creative juices flow. Hehe. From this week onwards I will be doing a series. I will simply call it “My Five Random Photos”.

So basically, once a week I will post five random photos, whether it is a newly taken photo or a throwback photo I will just post it here. I will also tell the stories behind those photos. So yes, let’s start.

1. The Ferris Wheel in UP Fair

So yea, we went to UP Fair last February and I already forgot I took a photo of this ferris wheel. Hihi. Good times!!

UP 2015 229

2. That Thing Called Tadhana 

Also last February, we watched the film That Thing Called Tadhana which made me cry so much. So good.

UP 2015 069

3. J. Co Glazed Donut

This one is taken once when I get to hang out with cleiabitria and cristaangeles in Cubao. I also forgot I have this photo.


4. The 1975 Album & Shirt

I’m with my friend, Ange, during The 1975 Meet & Greet. Ahhhhh! I wish I’m already a fan way back then!!

JCL2 319


5. The Amazing Sandwich of Tea Monkey

No caption needed. This sandwich right there is the bomb.

JCL 399

That’s my 5 random photos for this week. I will post again next week. Seriously though I can’t contain my emotions every time I have to think that I will only be here in the Philippine in less than 3 weeks before my brother and I will fly to States. It’s crazy how time flies.

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