Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe

Before going to UP Fair yesterday, we decided to drop by the Dog Café along Katipunan. I want to surprise Labo because he is a big fan of dogs, especially Pugs and Labradors. I did not told him beforehand where are we going. Hehe. My friend, Clei, met us there for us to hang out first before going to UP.

It’s not really hard to find the place though it will be easier if you have a car or cab if you are planning to go there. But I must say that it is really a nice place for dog lovers out there. The place is very cozy and their price is very affordable. But I must say, I should just stick on ordering Fruit Teas than ordering Dark Chocolate drinks. Caffeine is literally bad for me. Ugh.

We enjoyed playing with Booster, a Lhasa Apso puppy. We are not really a fan of small dogs but this one is an exemption. He is such a cutie. Hehe.

I’ll be posting a blog about our experience on UP Fair which is by the way the craziest thing ever. Haha.

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