My Mini Library

Today I decided to organize my collection of books. It’s not really much of a library kind of thing but you know more of novels, comics and random books that I had fun reading. Most of them are gifts for me by my friends and family. They know me way too well.

I have a wide range of books and I can identify myself as a ‘moody reader’ because I like to read books depending on my mood and emotions, sometimes I don’t totally read.

Photo (Left to right)

Archie Comics, Measure by Measure by William Shakespeare, Perks of Being A Wallflower (Thanks Corinth!), Ellen Degeneres’ Seriously, I’m Kidding, Kiko Machine Komix and Nora Roberts Trilogy Book.

I must say that nowadays I decided to buy and focus more on classic books because I think I am now lacking in that matter. First on my list is The Great Gatsby then Queer by William Burroughs then probably the Pride and Prejudice. (Goodluck Jaicel!)

On my next post I will talk about my Harry Potter collection. :)

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