Cubao Expo X Food Fair

Due to my fascination with vinyls nowadyas, we, Labo and Clei, decided to drop by Cubao Expo to feed our eyes with vintage memorabilia and to looks for turn tables and to explore different records of different artists of different eras. I feel so overwhelmed with all these things and I’m just struck with curiosity in every shop we visited. I cannot wait to buy my own set up of turn table and to collect vinyls. Wooho! Timeless.

We ended up giving our numbers to one of the the shop for them to inform us if our requested albums/records are available for pick up. I want my first purchase of records be ..

• The 1975 (PLEASE)
• The Smiths
• The Beatles
• Iron Maiden
• Slayer
• Oasis
• The Who
• Coldplay

Ahhhh, I cannot wait to lay my hands with those and just listen to them for the whole day. Living the life.

After our tour at Cubao Expo, we had our dinner at a food bazaar of some sort along Gateway and Araneta then we headed to Starbucks to have some chill time and talk endlessly throughout the night. Plus, I get to meet an old soul as well, hello Crista, a great fan of The Beatles. Nice meeting you.

It has been a fun day for us. We might go to various museums in the future. So, yeah.

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