The 1975 Gallery

Last night, my friend tagged me along with her to The 1975 concert, a British Indie Rock Band. She loves it to bits and I’m really having a good time watching them. I haven’t posted our Meet & Greet experience the day before the concert, but I will surely post it later. Hehe.

Anyways, we get to see them live and I’m so excited because I just listened to them very recently. Like, seriously 2 days before the event. That is why I feel so lucky to be able to go to their concert how much more meeting them and saying hi to them personally. I even gave Matty my black ponytail as a bracelet and I’m so happy seeing him wearing it in photos of fans with him. It really melts my heart. ❤

And, oh my gosh, we even have signed copy of their CD. How awesome was that?

Until now we are still hyped and can’t get over with our experience. It is really a memorable concert for me and I love the fact that I get to experience it with one of the “weirdest fan girl” of all, my BFFZ, Ange. Happiness!

Now, I’m looking forward to seeing my love of my life on March 22. Harry Freaking Styles on the road again! I cannot wait!

These are fee photos taken during the concert. I decided to make it black and white because that is how The 1975 depicts themselves so yeah.. But for the meet and greet post I might not make it black and white.

Happy weekend it is.

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